Our water engineering area covers the construction and maintenance of ponds, lakes and lagoons. Anything to do with water we have the knowledge to deal with it. Getting water to where you need it, holding it and getting it away, you can rest assured we can help.

We're also very experienced in the construction of timber jetties from building the basic board walks to designing and building fantastic and very unique ones.

Timber bridges also come into our line of work and we've been fortunate enough to construct a few for private clients and golf courses. Call us today to see how we can help and hopefully we can make you dreams and ideas a reality.

This includes:

  • Consultation, design and planning services
  • New build construction of ponds, lakes and lagoons
  • Construction and maintenance of bridges
  • Construction and maintenance of jetties
  • De silting of ponds, lakes and lagoons
  • Bulk earth moving and laser levelling
  • Ditch clearing and pipe work
  • Culvert construction, clearing and maintenance
  • Cascades, waterfalls and water features
  • Water and electrical supplies and feeds
  • Headwalls and out falls
  • Associated pipe work
  • Onsite welding and fusion welding

For more information on our services call us on 01635 635404 or 07990 688751
Alternatively email us on info@oedrewitt.co.uk